Our Story

At 480 Biomedical, we are committed to transforming the lives of patients debilitated by chronic diseases.

Our mission is to develop and commercialize products designed to provide months of continuous drug therapy to chronically ill patients, based on the transformative potential of our new materials.

Patients suffering from chronic illnesses often require many years, or even a lifetime of drug therapy. While medications may exist, for many diseases effective treatment is limited by the lack of patient compliance for once or twice daily medications and/or dose limiting toxicity due to systemic drug distribution. 480 Biomedical’s technology provides a single administration directly to affected soft tissues thereby eliminating the need for patient compliance to daily medications. Additionally, the technology increases the efficiency of drug dosing targted to the diseased tissue while avoiding systemic side effects.

Our goal is to provide these poorly served patients a better quality of life in the face of limited and ineffective treatment options.

Our technology

480 Biomedical’s unique and proprietary drug delivery system provides a steady dose of drug directly to diseased tissues for many months of targeted therapy.

480 Biomedical’s platform is a bioresorbable long-acting topical drug delivery system comprised of:

  • A drug delivery technology that provides a continuous, consistent dose of drug to surrounding tissues
  • An integrated spring-like technology that keeps the system in place
  • An applicator for non-invasive placement